• Redress Solutions is one of the longest established and experienced litigation funders in the United Kingdom.
  • Redress Solutions is owned by family offices. This allows us to maintain our independence while deploying considerable resources to fund your claim.
  • Our approach to client service is special and unique. We have swift and efficient selection procedures. You can expect an initial indication with regard to funding of your claim within two working days.
  • We always carry out an independent internal assessment by two qualified solicitors. If we need a case assessment by external lawyers and other professional advisors, we pay for this ourselves.
  • We will indemnify you against having to pay the opponent’s costs of the action.
  • Our funding very often leads to an early settlement of the case simply because of our reputation and financial strength.
  • Lawyers and any other professional advisors supported by our funding will know they will always be promptly paid for their work on a claim.

Redress Solutions specialises in the funding of commercial and other high value claims and welcomes approaches from companies, partnerships, individuals, lawyers and accountants as well as insolvency practitioners. There is no maximum size of claim we will consider. As to a minimum, the focus is usually on matters valued at more than £0.5 million. We do not fund family, divorce or personal injury-related claims. If you would like to know more please email Marius Nasta or Michael Zuckerman, or telephone us on: +44 (0)20 7499 4301.


Companies, Partnerships and Individuals

  • Support from Redress Solutions sends a strong signal to the defendant that you are committed to litigating and have the financial ability to see your claim through to conclusion.
  • Taking funding from Redress Solutions frees up your finances that could otherwise be trapped in litigation. We take the contingent liability of the adverse costs in losing a case off your balance sheet.
  • A defendant will always know that if Redress Solutions funds a case it will have very strong merits and so may decide to settle quickly.

Law and Accountancy Firms

  • The support of Redress Solutions allows you to concentrate on your work and not worry about getting paid. Redress Solutions always pays your bills promptly.

Insolvency Practitioners

  • If you have selected a legal team to run your claim, Redress Solutions will always allow you to continue with them.
  • If you so require, Redress Solutions will take an assignment of your claim. This will transfer all of the financial exposure and costs of the case to us and we will instruct the lawyers that you recommend.