Redress Solutions was one of the first litigation funders in the United Kingdom. Since we launched we have funded cases with an aggregate claim value of many millions of pounds. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable about all forms of dispute resolution and is led by Marius Nasta and Michael Zuckerman. We are financed by established family offices and in line with this we operate with a very discreet culture.

Who We Work With

  • We fund substantial cases for companies, partnerships and individuals.
  • We work directly with corporate finance and legal departments, claimants themselves and their officers and partners.
  • We welcome cases introduced by lawyers, accountants and other professionals.
  • We regularly work with insolvency practitioners who wish to pursue claims without exposure to the risks and expense of the case.
  • Please see Example Cases.

The Cases We Fund

  • Our favoured cases are in document-based commercial litigation or arbitrations in Europe, the United States and other jurisdictions with reliable legal systems where the trial and any enforcement is to take place.
  • Redress Solutions will consider funding for all types of commercial and other high value claims.
  • In terms of the value of matters that we fund there is no upper limit. As to a minimum, we would normally focus on funding cases with a value higher than £0.5 million.
  • We do not fund family, divorce or personal injury-related claims.
  • Please see Example Cases.

Working with Redress Solutions

  • We pride ourselves on our client service, which is fast, no-nonsense and without the bureaucracy you may find with other funders. We operate with complete discretion.
  • Where we fund the litigation or arbitration of a claim, we receive an agreed percentage of the settlement or award, after all costs not recovered from the opponent have been reimbursed.
  • We do not make management or expense charges of any kind to the clients on whose behalf we work.
  • When a case is brought to us we make our own assessment of its merits, with or without the advice of external lawyers or other professionals. This is a process we pay for entirely and even if your case is not taken forward you will not be charged.
  • We indemnify you against the opponent’s costs on any matter we fund. You have no costs as a claimant and we take all the risks.