Redress Solutions and the Association of Litigation Funders

Redress Solutions is a Funder Member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales.
As a member of ALF, we are required to abide by a Code of Conduct published by the Civil Justice Council of the
United Kingdom.

Under the Code, we are required to:

  • Maintain the financial resources needed to fund your claim and all others we agree to fund for a minimum of 36 months;
  • Fund your claim until it is resolved, and withdraw funding only with approval, and only in special circumstances;
  • Refrain from controlling your claim or your settlement negotiations;
  • Refrain from doing anything that would cause your lawyers to act in breach of their professional duties.


By working with Redress Solutions, you can be assured that you will receive the important benefits and protections that ALF’s Code of Conduct demands.

More about ALF

The Association of Litigation Funders is charged by the Ministry of Justice to self-regulate litigation funding in England and Wales.

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