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As you are no doubt already aware, the costs of proceeding with litigation or arbitration can be exorbitant—often stretching into the tens of thousands of pounds per month. In some instances, you will also be required to provide “security for costs”—proof that you can pay your opponent’s costs should you lose.

That means the financial costs of pursuing a claim can be draining to say the least; the costs of a loss are even more devastating.

Knowing this, opponents can quite conceivably “price you out of the game” by dragging out litigation while costs rise. This “costs-wearing strategy” is a commonplace strategy on the part of today’s typical legal defence team.

This is an issue of access to justice—claimants should not be discouraged from pursuing worthwhile litigation by the threat of exorbitant costs.

If it helps, think of us as “legal angel investors”—we support and invest in your commercial claim in the same way that a private equity investor, or “business angel”, invests in high-risk new ventures.

Our support leaves you free to proceed with your claim, safe in the knowledge that if you lose your claim, you will lose nothing else.

There is no “catch”. We take all financial risks; our clients risk nothing.


What makes Redress Solutions different?

Redress is a nimble company — so we can move faster to shield you from ongoing risk and expense.

We invest only in meritorious claims that we feel have a more than reasonable chance of success. This means our opponents have come to see our involvement in a case as a sign that we think we can be successful. Our participation has been known to reduce opposing parties’ willingness to drag out litigation—many of our claims settle shortly after we fund them.

Learn More About What We Can Do for You

  • Join the many business owners who trust our experience to fund their claim.
  • More than one claim? We can help with your company’s entire portfolio.
  • Insolvency practitioners: recover more money with no risk to the creditors.
  • Law firms: when we fund a claim, you get paid on time. No reasonable expense denied.

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