Redress sponsors international award for insolvency practice

  Redress Solutions, in partnership with INSOL International, are delighted to announce the inaugural Stephen Adamson Award for excellence in

How litigation funding protects businesses and improves productivity

Defending yourself shouldn’t come at the price of your business. Unfortunately, for many people, a litigation impacts their business significantly.

In your shoes: litigation funding for insolvency practitioners

How does litigation funding work for an insolvency practitioner? We’ve worked with many insolvency practitioners in the past, and we

Is the government disrespecting the rule of law? Lord Falconer’s lecture at Queens’ College, Cambridge

Speaking at this week’s Queens’ Distinguished Law Lecture, Lord Falconer attacked his successors’ and the government’s commitment to maintaining judicial

The third Queens’ Distinguished Law Lecture: The effects of the Constitutional Reform Act

We’re delighted to announce that once again we are hosting the Queens’ Distinguished Lecture in Law. At this year’s event,

Profile: Marius Nasta

Marius Nasta, LL.M., is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Redress Solutions. As he prepares to address the 2017 Litigation

Paving the path to justice: litigation funding for business owners

Litigation can often be a conundrum for business owners. You want to access justice from the defendant, but legal claims

Northern Circuit Commercial Bar Association

Marius Nasta and Michael Zuckerman will be guest speakers at the forthcoming meeting of the Northern Circuit Commercial Bar Association

Switzerland opening up to third party litigation funding. Zurich University hosts third party litigation funding seminar

On May 3rd, The Europa Institut at the University of Zurich (EIZ ) hosted a seminar dedicated exclusively to

Marius Nasta and Michael Zuckerman to be guest speakers at the Third Party Litigation Funding Seminar hosted by the Europe Institute at the University of Zurich

Marius Nasta, Chief Executive of Redress Solutions, and Michael Zuckerman, Managing Director of Redress Solutions, are guest speakers at the

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